Successfully promote your events using promotion codes.

Do you want to further increase your ticket sales? Incentivise potential ticket buyers with promotional campaigns. Reward different groups of buyers with special prices, and integrate advertising partners and multipliers in the marketing of your events. Simply create your own promotions with EVENTIM.Light.

Create your own promotion codes

Define the validity period, the number of available tickets as well as the code type, and apply them to individual ticket prices of selected events.

Available in all sales channels

Either use the promotion in all sales channels or only in selected ones - in your own ticket shop, at or at your box office.

Detailled reporting

Which codes have been redeemed at which events? How many tickets were purchased with the codes? Download a detailed report about each promotion.

Further benefits of the promotion feature

  • Define the maximum number of tickets available for each promotion campaign.
  • Limit the number of tickets per order.
  • Create group promotions (e.g. offering a reduced price for the collective purchase of four tickets).
  • Make the promotional price available either with or without a code.
  • Create one-time-only or multiple-use codes.
  • Upload your own codes or simply generate random codes during the promotion set-up within EVENTIM.Light.
  • Practical overview of the events where the promotion is being used.

How to easily set up your own promotion

Create a new promotion.

Create a new promotion in your EVENTIM.Light account under ‚Promotions‘, and define the validity period, number of codes and code type. 

Define a new ticket price.

During the event set-up, create a new ticket price for this promotion. Select the previously created promotion under ‚Advanced settings‘ for this price. 

Use the promotion in your marketing campaigns.

Publish the event and use the promotion in your different marketing channels, such as your newsletter.