Effortlessly create your own seating plan

General admission, different levels, simple seating plan or seating plan with tables - easily create your own seating plan for any location with our modern seating plan tool and start selling tickets like a pro.

Start with your own seating plan in just a few steps

Whether it's a concert, theatre, show or sporting event - it's easy to create with our self-service tool and you have numerous options to customise your seating plan for each location. The seating plan editor is directly integrated into EVENTIM.Light and can be easily used to create events - no knowledge of graphic design needed.

Individual seating plan according to your needs

Our seating plan editor offers you a wide range of options for easily designing a seating plan according to your own needs.

  • Individual definition and arrangement of rows of seats
  • Simple insertion of a stage or general admissions area 
  • Various templates, for example, for marking exits, stairs, wardrobe or a bar
  • Templates for various sporting events such as handball, football or tennis courts.

Free choice of seat or best seat booking for your ticket buyers

You can offer your ticket buyers either free seat selection via the seating plan, best seat booking or both. When creating your seating plan, you can define the starting point for the automatic calculation of the best seats.

Start your ticket sales right away

Get started right away. Sign up for free with EVENTIM.Light, create your first event with your own seating plan and quickly start selling tickets in your own ticket shop and on the EVENTIM network.

Simple assignment of price categories

Assign individual ticket prices to the different seating and general admissions areas. You can also hold back selected seats for VIP guests if necessary or designate them separately.

One seating plan for all sales channels

When a seating chart is created you can use it in your own online shop as well as on eventim.se and in your own Box office. The immediate synchronization of ticket sales across all sales channels ensures that the correct status of available seats and already booked seats is displayed in real time.

Frequently asked questions about creating a seating plan