The ultimate web-based ticketing tool

Your own ticket shop

Create your own branded ticket shop and sell tickets directly to your customers. Simply integrate your shop into your website with an iFRAME. We provide you with a responsive online shop that can be customised to your own colours, images and logo.

Simple and intuitive event setup

Create your event as detailed as you like. Define different categories or price levels in combination with early bird offers or VIP tickets. Create event series’ to quickly publish multiple events in your ticket shop or sell tickets to different time slots on the same day. EVENTIM.Light is web-based, requires no installation, and can easily be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Seating plan creation made simple

Create your own seating plan for any type of event. From a simple reserved seating plan, to cabaret table seating and everything in between – with our modern seat map tool, you can easily create your own plans for any type of venue.

Facebook integration made easy

You want to promote your event on Facebook as well? No problem. Simply connect your EVENTIM.Light account with your Facebook account. This enables you to create and edit your events all within EVENTIM.Light and publish them on Facebook with only a few clicks.

Tracking & Reporting

See all relevant figures at a glance on our reporting dashboard. This helps you to keep an overview of your ticket sales. Moreover, you can track traffic sources and user behavior in your own ticket shop using Google Analytics. All you need is your own Google Analytics tracking ID, which you enter when configuring your ticket shop.

Abendkasse nutzen mit dem Eigenverkauf

Sell tickets at the door

Our box office module enables you to use your office as local ticket outlet or to sell tickets through the box office on the day of the event.

Sell tickets at the door

Our box office module enables you to use your office as local ticket outlet or to sell tickets through the box office on the day of the event.

Easy access control with our Scan App

Validate tickets at the door with our free Scan App, it is available on both iOS and Android. Using the app also allows you to monitor the process at the entrance.

Use promotions & questions as add-on

Want to include an Early Bird Ticket, or a 2-4-1 offer? You can easily create promotions that can be added to your event with a click. Plus, ask questions to your customers during the purchasing process to ask about food preferences or t-shirt sizes for example.

More benefits of selling with EVENTIM.Light

Extend your reach

List your events on our primary marketplace and reach a larger audience. Our site has hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly.

Ticket hotline

List your events on our primary marketplace and our dedicated call center will be available to take phone bookings for your customers.

Digital Marketing

By selling through the EVENTIM marketplace, you could benefit from Search Engine Advertising and Optimization, Email Marketing and Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Reliable revenue transfer

EVENTIM will guarantee a fast and secure transfer of your revenue after the event.


Dedicated account manager

As a Premium client, you will have a dedicated account manger who will be happy to discuss how we can help you grow your business.

Digital marketing campaigns

Need help selling tickets? No problem! We can offer digital marketing solutions for all types of events, and help you reach your goals.

Advanced Access Control

In addition to our world-class access technology, our access control team is happy to share their broad, international experience to ensure a smooth entry to your event.  

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