In use for many event industries

EVENTIM.Light is as diverse as the event industry itself. With our self-service tool, anyone can easily create their own ticket shop and start selling tickets in just a few minutes. In addition, with the strong EVENTIM reach, nothing stands in the way of a sold-out event.

Simple self-service ticketing with strong sales power

You organise yoga workshops, wine tastings or painting courses? Whatever you do, we've got you covered. In order for you to concentrate fully on preparing your event, simple ticket sales are essential. EVENTIM.Light is an easy-to-use self-service tool for online ticket sales that allows you to create your own ticket shop, market and sell your event in just a few minutes.

Maximum reach with online ticket sales

  1. Create event: Our system guides you step by step through the application, where you also define price categories and areas.
  2. Create seating plan: With an optional seating plan, you can offer visitors the choice of a seat or sell stand space, for example.
  3. Individualise your ticket shop: Create a professional ticket shop in the design of your website - no problem with our tool. 
  4. Publish & promote your event: Benefit from maximum reach with
  5. Create a Facebook event: Use social media to market your event. EVENTIM.Light makes it easy to link up with Facebook.

Increase the reach of your event now

Offer your visitors easy and modern access to your event: Use the online ticketing system EVENTIM.Light.